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Welcome to Backup, your dedicated consulting firm focused on the fashion and retail industry. As your trusted BACKUP Strategist, we are here to ensure your path to a prosperous future. Our unwavering mission is to empower businesses and individuals alike, guiding them toward becoming esteemed leaders in the world of fashion. Through a harmonious blend of expert advice, innovative development, and nurturing mentorship, we strive to deliver tangible and measurable outcomes for our esteemed clients.


Years of expertise

We are international experienced luxury fashion experts, located in various European capitals. Each of us specializes in different areas of the fashion industry to be your BACKUP in achieving a 360 approach to develop you and your business potential.

our team specializes in

Fashion Business Development

Fashion Retail Excellence, Retail Leadership, Commercial Performance, Process Review & Development, Operations Optimisation, Branding, Product development

Talent Management

Finding your strength, developing your skills, harnessing your potential.

Customer engagements

Client Acquisition & Strategies, Client Engagement, Customer Journey, Relationship management.

our mission

We are your performance partner

If you have a fashion business we help you maximize your sales, efficiency and profitability.
If your passion is a career in fashion, we are your go to team to assist you in becoming the best candidate.
If you wanna be a better version of yourself, build your confidence and find your style, we are your guide.

how we help

Guiding you as a lighthouse

We believe in maintaining a shared set of values with you, only taking on projects that align with our principles. Our honesty is accompanied by constructive feedback, we handle conflicts of opinion with professionalism and never compromise our integrity – and yours. We offer our knowledge when you need it most – during challenging times or when you face that opportunity of a lifetime.
We never back down. We back you up.

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